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Fat Club - Issue #5

Fat Club
Hi there,
Thank you to those that sent kind replies to our last e-mail. To know the e-mail is not only read but liked by actual humans is something we’re still trying to get our head around. So thank you.
We got a few replies specifically about Video Identity. More specifically, you wanted to know:
Well, buckle up, peeps, we’re going to tell you.
Brands love branding (obvs) but only so far.
People like us are obsessed with branding. Designers, brand consultants and creative directors look at a brand, and the doors for visual identity, language and colour are flung open. They pour over the nuances of shape and form with a god-like gaze.
Each step opens up the bandwidth for sensory connection with a company bit by bit.
The logo
does and dont’s
And then boom, we’re done.
But what would happen if we WENT FURTHER than that?
We’ve seen time and time again that when brands limit their identity to the traditional elements, they miss out on the parts of the puzzle that carry the most feeling.

Audiences don’t care about the logo placement.
Audiences don’t pour over the nuances of a visual identity nearly as much as brands would like them to.
But what they do is spend time in brand environments that move, in spaces that make noise, in digital environments that have huge potential for tone and character.
The digital playgrounds for brand experiences are designed for all our senses.
But there is another way.
Just to be clear, we’re not talking about lower thirds or CTA lock-ups here. When we work with brands on their video identity, we spend our time unlocking and articulating the other sensory threads:
Sound, rhythm, music, voice, light, motion, colour.
Video identity is a process that lets a brand explore the rest of the sensory layers, weaving them into the rest of the brand identity to push the boundaries. Every interaction within the brand, including video, feels like a fluent expression of the brand.
When the video identity work has been well-thought-out, brands have:
  • Freedom from disappointing video content that doesn’t feel like it reflects the direction or the ambition of the brand
  • A crystal clear understanding of how the sensory threads work together to achieve standout in a competitive landscape: no more imitation, no more generic, bland video
  • Clarity on what content they produce, why, and how the video identity comes to life differently in each
  • A clear palette of sensory elements to give direction to the briefs they write and the content they make
  • Freedom from needing to use the same video agency for all their projects to keep a consistent feel
  • Freedom to create content in-house or brief a range of content producers, safe knowing that the deliverables have a sensory throughline that pushes content into a brand experience.
We love getting involved in projects like this. Clients have asked us for this sort of support over the last couple of years, but this is us formalising that experience into something coherent that works for all brands, big and small.
What do you lot think about all this?
That’s well good mate
Here’s a bunch of inspiring stuff we’ve loved this week…
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