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Fat Club - Issue #4

Fat Club
Hi there,
Remember us?
When you signed up to this, you might have seen a line that said that we would “never spam you”. As you can see, we took that vow so seriously we never e-mailed you again. Sorry about that.
We’ve been busy. Doing cool client stuff mostly, odd bit of homeschooling here and there. But when we’ve not been doing that, we’ve been working out which bits about making videos put the fire in our bellies. Because when we’re singing from the rooftops about the cool stuff we’re doing, we find the brands we work with are bloody happy too.
So that’s why you’ve not heard a peep out of us.
Until now.
Because we’ve only gone and worked it out.
So allow me a few moments of your time to bring you up to speed.
We do three things
Video Identity
We help brands articulate how they look, move, sound and feel in video. We identify what video they need to support their customer journey, and how that activates differently across channels.
Content & Creative
We develop concepts and make videos (like we have done since basically forever). Live-action videos. Animated videos. Usually a blend between the two. 30 sec TV campaigns, 6-second bumpers, 15-minute long-form content. Whatever the brand and customers need at that moment, we’re there for it.
Strategic Partner
We work closely with brand teams to help them build an agile and hard-working approach to video, from upskilling internal talent, to managing a roster of agencies.
So there you have it
There are lots of things we don’t do very well, but those three things are our sweet spot.
Sounds interesting? Have a look at our shiny new website to find out more. Go on, do it, the link’s right here.

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